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Regional Meetings

Several Regional Meetings have been organized to promote universal adherence to the Convention on Cluster Munitions and to assist States parties in fulfilling their obligations. Here you can find information and documents from some of these meetings.

Briefing on the CCM for East African States

29 April 2024

CCM Arab regional workshop

19 March 2023

Commonwealth CCM universalization workshop

2 March 2023

CCM Francophone Africa universalization workshop

15-16 February 2023

CCM Africa regional universalization workshop

23-24 March 2022

CARICOM regional workshop on the CCM

3-4 March 2020

Asia-Pacific regional workshop on the CCM

18-19 June 2019

Pacific regional conference on conventional weapons treaties

12-14 February 2018

South East Europe regional seminar on the country coalition concept

12-13 June 2017

Kampala CCM ratification seminar

29-30 May 2017

Africa regional workshop on CCM universalization in Addis Ababa

4-5 August 2016

Workshop dedicated to CCM universalization in North Africa and the Middle East

27 May 2014

Workshop dedicated to CCM universalization in Africa

20 and 24 February 2014

Santiago regional conference on CCM universalization

12-13 December 2013

Lomé Regional Seminar

22-23 May 2013

Accra regional conference

28-29 May 2012

Livingstone Conference on Cluster Munitions

31 March-1 April 2008