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Accra Regional Conference

The Accra Regional Conference on the Universalization of the CCM took place in Accra, Ghana, from 28 to 29 May 2012. Technical and policy expert representatives of 34 African States and civil society organizations met to deal with issues related to cluster munitions in Sub-Saharan African States. Following the meeting, a workshop took place on 30 May specifically dealing with implementation challenges experienced by States Parties working with the implementation of Treaty obligations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of the Republic of Ghana organized this event in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of Cooperation of the Republic of Togo, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Zambia and supported by the UNDP and with financial support from the Government of Norway.

The Accra Regional Meeting concluded on the Accra Universalization Action Plan  (English / Françaiswith the objective “to attain a cluster munition free Africa with universal adherence to the CCM”.

Documentation and Practical Information:
List of Participants
Provisional Agenda: Summarised and detailed versions

Sessions and statements

Statement by Honourable Lt. Gen. Joseph Henry Smith (retd), Minister for Defence of the Republic of Ghana
Statement by Honourable William Kwasi Aboah, Minister for the Interior, Republic of Ghana
Statement by his Excellency Kamil Kamaluddeen, UNDP Country Director, Ghana
Statement by Ms. Afi Yakubu, Executive Director, Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA)
Statement by his Excellency Dr. John Dramani Mahama, Vice President of the Republic of Ghana
Statement by Honourable Lt. Gen. Joseph Henry Smith (retd), Minister for Defence, Republic of Ghana

Introduction by Ghana

Presentation (ppt & text) on the status of the CCM by Lebanon
Presentation on the purpose of the Accra Meeting by Zambia
Statement by Sierra Leone
Statement by Zambia
Statement by Angola
Statement by Ghana

Presentation by the CMC: “The hour has come”

Statement by Angola
Statement by Burundi
Statement by Cameroon
Statement by Congo
Statement by DRC
Statement by Gambia
Statement by Mauritius
Statement by Niger
Statement by South Africa
Statement by Uganda
Statement by Zambia
Statement by Central African Republic
Statement by Chad
Statement by Kenya
Statement by Senegal
Statement by Sierra Leone
Statement by Swaziland
Statement by Tanzania
Statement by Zimbabwe
Statement by Botswana
Statement by Madagascar
Statement by Togo
Statement by Benin
Statement by Namibia
Statement by Mali
Statement by Lesotho

Presentation by ICRC on CCM obligations that require specific national measures and the key elements of national legislation

Presentation on interpretive issues (ICBL-CMC)

Statement by Zambia

Introduction by South Africa

Statement by Norway
Statement by the CMC
Statement by Madagascar
Statement by Benin
Statement by Senegal
Statement by Kenya
Statement by Mauritania

Presentation on Preparations for the 3 MSP, recommendations and decisions by Lebanon

Session 1: Stockpile Destruction
Presentation on Stockpile Destruction by ICBL-CMC
 by Madagascar
Statement by Nigeria
Statement by South Africa

Session 2: Victim Assistance
Presentation on Art. 5 implementation by Uganda
Statement by the CMC
Statement by Mozambique
Statement by Sierra Leone

Session 3: Clearance
Statement on Clearance by ICBL-CMC

Session 4: Reporting and other obligations under the CCM
 on Demonstration of the Cluster Munitions Identification Tool by UNDP
Presentation on Completing Transparency Reporting Forms by UNDP