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Santiago Regional Conference on the Universalization of the CCM, 12-13 December 2013

The Santiago Regional Workshop on Cluster Munitions, towards the establishment of a cluster munition free zone in Latin America and the Caribbean, took place in Santiago, Chile, from 12 to 13 December 2013.

This Regional Workshop was hosted and organized by the Ministry of External Relations of Chile and supported by the UNDP.

List of participants

Programme of work: Agenda

Statements by:

–       Mr. Oscar Izurieta, Undersecretary of National Defense, Ministry of National Defense

–       Ambassador Pedro Oyarce, General Director of Multilateral Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

–       Mr. Antonio Molpeceres, United Nations Resident Representative (espanol / english version)

–       Ms. Hege Araldsen, Ambassador of Norway in Chile & Coordinator on Universalization of the CCM (espanol / english version)

–       Ms. Rosalind Dawson, Policy Officer, New Zealand & Coordinator on National Implementation Measures of the CCM

–       Mr. Patrick Zahnd, Continental Legal Advisor for Latin America & the Caribbean and the OAS, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

–       Ms. Pamela Velazquez, Campaigner, Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC)

Chaired by: Chile (Mr. Cristian Streeter)
– Grenada (Mr. Marlon Glean)
– Interim ISU CCM UNDP (Ms. Estelle Aebersold)
– CMC (Mr. Jesus Martinez)

Purpose of the Santiago Meeting and status of the CCM in Latin America and the Caribbean States (Grenada)

Submission of the Santiago Declaration on the establishment of a Cluster Munitions-Free Zone in Latin America and the Caribbean States (Chile)

Message from the Presidency of the 4MSP (read by UNDP on behalf of the President to the 4MSP)

Call for universalization of the CCM (CMC)

Statement by:

Chaired by:     Costa Rica (Mr. Christian Guillermet)

– ICRC (Mr. Patrick Zahnd)
– Guatemala (Mr. Carlos Hugo Avila)
– New Zealand, Coordinator on National Implementation Measures (Ms. Rosalind Dawson)
– FAMAE (Crl Jose Luis Fuenzalida)
– CEDDEX (TTe. Hector Navarrete Burgos)

Obligations under the CCM requiring specific national measures and the key elements of national legislation (ICRC)

Presentation on tools to support the application of national implementing measures(New Zealand, Coordinator on National Implementation Measures)

Presentation from a state in the process of drafting/reviewing its national legislation (Guatemala)

Assistance and cooperation available at regional level (FAMAE)

Training demining and explosives deactivation (CEDDEX)

Presentation by Mr. Christian Guillermet, Deputy Permanent Representative, Mission Costa Rica to UNOG of the agreed Santiago Declaration and Elements of an Action Plan

Background documents:
Invitation letter (Spanish version / English version)
Registration form