States and organizations gathered at the ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center Workshop in Cambodia

The ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center (ARMAC) organized a regional workshop “Enhance mine action knowledge and promote future platforms for mine action knowledge sharing for ASEAN Member States” on 12 – 14 November in Siem Reap, Cambodia, with the financial support of the Government of Canada. This workshop aimed to provide sustained platforms to share knowledge and experiences with the aims of enhancing regional capacity and cooperation, and effectively and efficiently addressing the issue of landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war in the ASEAN region.

This workshop brought together numerous speakers and participants from ASEAN Member States, donor States, the ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN academic institutions, and organizations dealing with mine action. Topics discussed included the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), gender mainstreaming, and research and development in cluster munitions and mine action; clearance and risk reduction education, victim assistance, and international cooperation and assistance.

The CCM ISU was invited to give an overview of the Convention and share how the CCM has contributed to global mine action. This workshop was an opportunity for the ISU to promote the universalization of the CCM to States in the ASEAN region where Convention membership is relatively low.

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Adoption of draft CCM Resolution L.39

On 6th November 2018 the First Committee (Disarmament and International Security) approved the draft resolution “Implementation of the Convention on Cluster Munitions” (document A/C.1/73/L.39) by a recorded vote of 139 in favour, 1 against and 39 abstentions.

By its provision 1, the General Assembly would urge all States outside this instrument to join as soon as possible, whether by ratifying or acceding to it, and all States parties that are in a position to do so to promote adherence to its provisions through bilateral, subregional and multilateral contacts, outreach and other means.

The Presidency of the Ninth Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions (9MSP CCM), Sri Lanka, calls on States that abstained in the vote on the draft Resolution to join those that voted in favour during the final UNGA vote in December 2018.

Closed side event on CCM universalization (Asia/Pacific region) in New York

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, in its role as the Presidency of the Ninth Meeting of States Parties (9MSP), organized a lunchtime meeting at the UN Headquarters in New York on the universalization of the CCM with a focus on the Asia/Pacific region. This side event took place on Friday, 12 October 2018, in the margins of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly First Committee on Disarmament and International Security and gathered States Parties and States not Party to the Convention from the Asia/Pacific region as well as from other regions.

9MSP President, Ambassador Aliyar Lebbe Abdul Azeez, Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations in Geneva, warmly welcomed the attendees via video conference in Geneva and presented the Presidency’s key priorities until the 9MSP. The President also introduced the 2018 UNGA Resolution on the implementation of CCM, which would be submitted by Sri Lanka and its co-sponsors. It is anticipated that States attending the meeting would vote in favour of the Resolution.

During the meeting, the CCM Implementation Support Unit (ISU) presented an overview of the Convention, with a particular emphasis on the tools and assistance available to States in their ratification/accession and further implementation of the CCM. States were afforded the opportunity to share on the obstacles they had encountered in the process of ratification of/accession to the CCM. Representatives of the ICRC and CMC also participated in the side event. In order to facilitate a candid discussion on addressing these challenges, the meeting was held under the Chatham House Rule.

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Closed side event on implementation of the CCM in New York

The Coordinator for National Implementation Measures, New Zealand, with the support of the Coordinator for Transparency Measures, Iraq, and the CCM Implementation Support Unit hosted a closed lunchtime meeting on the implementation of the Convention on Cluster Munitions on Thursday 11 October 2018 at the Permanent Mission of New Zealand to the United Nations in New York. This event took place in the margins of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly First Committee on Disarmament and International Security.

Six invited States Parties participated in this meeting to discuss the implementation of Article 7 (Transparency Measures) and Article 9 (National Implementation Measures) of the Convention. Participants were introduced to the tools and support available to assist in meeting these two key Convention obligations. During the meeting, the ISU provided them with general information on the Convention, and specifically on the submission of transparency reports via the established reporting system; and New Zealand presented the tools and assistance available to assist States Parties in complying with their Article 9 obligations, including a model legislation that has been made available in all six UN languages. New Zealand also highlighted the importance of States Parties including information on implementing legislation in their initial and annual reports.

The States Parties present at the meeting committed to following up on the submission of their initial or annual transparency reports and enacting legislation to implement the CCM domestically, as required by the Convention.

Namibia joins the Convention on Cluster Munitions

Congratulations to the government of Namibia on its ratification of the Convention on Cluster Munitions two days before the Eighth Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions (8MSPCCM) thereby becoming the Convention’s 104th State Party! The Convention will enter into force for Namibia on 1st February 2019 in accordance with its article 17 (2).

The 8MSP Presidency, Nicaragua, warmly welcomes Namibia as the 104th State Party to the CCM and encourages other Signatory States to ratify the Convention as a matter of priority.

Croatia completes the destruction of its stockpiles of cluster munitions

The Presidency of the CCM, Nicaragua, is pleased to announce that the Republic of Croatia has declared fulfillment of its obligation under Article 3 pertaining to storage and stockpile destruction.

Our sincere congratulations to the Government of Croatia for its dedicated commitment to the CCM which has made the destruction of its stockpiles possible within the stipulated deadline. To date, there remain only 7 States Parties with obligations under Article 3 of the CCM.

8MSP registration


STEP 1 – Note Verbale

The details of delegations to the 8MSP should be submitted by Note Verbale by Friday, 17 August 2018, to the Secretariat of the 8MSP at the following address:

Office for Disarmament Affairs, Geneva Branch
Fax: +41 22 917 0034

STEP 2 – Online registration

If you no not already have a United Nations grounds pass, you need to register for the 8MSP in the online indico system. Please note that you will need to attach the note verbale or letter, including your name on the list of your delegation, as a mandatory document while registering on-line. If you forget to attach the requested document, the system will reject your registration . Instructions are available for reference. Recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. For any queries, please contact

Once the application has been approved in Indico, you will receive via e-mail an e-ticket / QR code. A grounds pass valid for the duration of the Meeting of States Parties will be available for collection from the Pass and Identification Unit at the Pregny Gate of the Palais des Nations. Participants are advised to come to the Pregny Gate well in advance to allow enough time for security checks.

United Nations grounds passes can be collected from the Pass and Identification Unit at the Pregny Gate of the Palais des Nations. The e-ticket / QR code and valid passport or national identification card, will have to be produced in order to collect the grounds pass.

Spain gets rid of all its cluster munitions

Spain completed the destruction of its stockpile of cluster munitions months ahead of its stipulated deadline! The announcement was officially made through Note Verbale on 25 July 2018. The 8MSP Presidency, Nicaragua, warmly congratulates Spain for having completed its obligations under Article 3.

This major achievement as the first Stockpile Destruction deadlines fall due on 1 August 2018 is a cause for celebration and will continue to be celebrated by the CCM community at the upcoming 8MSP! Enhorabuena!

8MSP Provisional Agenda available

The Provisional Agenda for the upcoming 8MSP is now available on UNODA’s website.  Keep checking UNODA and the CCM websites regularly as conference documents will be gradually uploaded.

CCM/MSP/2018/1 – Provisional Agenda