International cooperation and assistance


What does the Convention say?

Article 6 of the Convention on Cluster Munitions states that “Each State Party in a position to do so shall provide technical, material and financial assistance to State Parties affected by cluster munitions, aimed at the implementation of the obligations of this Convention.”

Assistance can be given to ensure stockpile destruction, clearance, risk education, victim assistance, economic and social recovery of affected State Parties, as well as to determine the nature and extent of the challenges each affected State Party faces.

Article 6 promotes the exchange of equipment and scientific and technical information, and experiences and best practices, and also other forms of mutual assistance (technical, material and financial).

In 2017, the German Presidency introduced the Country Coalition concept to the CCM to enhance international cooperation and assistance by forming strong partnerships targeted at addressing affected countries’ specific needs and challenges. Since then, four country coalitions have been formed that have resulted in the compliance of timebound obligations for 2 States Parties.


What next?

In terms of international cooperation and assistance, the Lausanne Action Plan encourages States Parties to:

  • commit resources to meet the Convention’s obligations and explore alternative and/or innovative sources of funding;
  • share best practices and lessons learnt through international, regional, North-South, South-South and /or bilateral and trilateral cooperation;
  • provide technical, material and financial assistance to other States Parties in the implementation of their obligations under the Convention, when in a position to do so;
  • develop coherent and comprehensive national plans, when seeking assistance; and
  • take advantage of modalities such as the country coalition concept.