The Implementation Support Unit was established in May 2015 to support and coordinate the work of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. This decision came out of a series of Meetings of States Parties, the first held in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2012.

Based on the decisions made in Beirut, the Unit has a mandate to:

  • Provide technical support and advice to the Presidency in all aspects of its role and mandate in leading the work of the Convention;
  • Provide support to all States Parties through the Convention’s implementation machinery and the thematic working groups;
  • Provide advice and technical support to individual States Parties through the development of a resource base of relevant expertise and practices on the implementation of the Convention;
  • Prepare for and keep records of formal and informal meetings under the Convention and other relevant knowledge products, expertise and information pertaining to the implementation of the Convention;
  • Facilitate communication amongst States Parties and other relevant actors, cooperate and coordinate amongst these and maintain public relations including efforts to promote universalization and other work of the Convention;
  • Support the CCM Sponsorship Programme which facilitates a diverse and broad-based regional participation in CCM formal meetings;
  • Serve as an interface between the States Parties and the international community on issues related to the implementation of the CCM.

The ISU-CCM is hosted by the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining, as per the hosting agreement that was agreed upon between the States Parties and the GICHD.

Download the brochure on the mandate of the Implementation Support Unit.