Extension requests to be considered at the 9MSP

Extension requests considered at the 9MSP are for States Parties with stockpile destruction deadlines in 2019 and clearance deadlines in 2020. Documents related to extension requests will be uploaded in accordance with the timeline defined in the Guidelines fror CCM Article 3 and Article 4 Extension Requests adopted at the 9MSP.

Article 3: Stockpile Destruction

  • Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Extension Request (24 April 2019)
Answers to the Analysis Group (2 April 2019)

Article 4: Clearance

  • Germany

Germany’s Extension Request (15 January 2019)
Answers to the Analysis Group (12 February 2019)

  • Lao PDR

Part A Executive summary (26 February 2019)
Part B Detailed narrative (26 February 2019)
Annex 1. Decree 67 dated 12 February 2018 on the organization and operations of the NRA
Annex 2. National Strategic Plan – Safe Path Forward II
Annex 3. VA Strategy
Annex 4. National standards available on http://www.nra.gov.la/resources.html
Annex 5. SDG 18
Annex 6. UXO Sector 5 Year Plan
Annex 7. List of current and future UXO/mine action projects in Lao PDR
Annex 8. Order 39 dated 28 September 2016 on UXO clearance and risk reduction education (Lao language only)
Annex 9. Guidance on an integrated approach to VA
Annex 10. Work plan for survey: Breakdown per province