National implementation measures

This section contains information on activities implemented by the Coordinator on National Implementation Measures.

May 2017

The Coordinator on National Implementation Measures (New Zealand) along with the Coordinators on Universalization (France and Zambia) organized the CCM Ratification Seminar in Kampala, Uganda, on 29-30 May. The seminar was made possible through the generous contribution of the government of New Zealand and in-kind support of the government of Uganda.

For detailed information on the Seminar, click here.

May 2016

In its capacity as Coordinator on National Implementation Measures, New Zealand hosted a Workshop on National Implementation Measures  for a cross-regional grouping of States on 17 May 2016. For more information.

November 2016

Concept Note by New Zealand, CCM Coordinator on National Implementation Measures of the Convention, on enhancing the implementation of Action 7 of the Dubrovnik Action Plan up to the 7th Meeting of States Parties (7MSP) to be held in September 2017.