International cooperation and assistance

This section contains information about activities implemented by past and present Coordinators on International Cooperation and Assistance.

June 2017

The Coordinators on International Cooperation and Assistance (Australia and Iraq) organized a second informal meeting (a follow up of the first one in February 2017) on Enhancing International Cooperation and Assistance under the CCM on 9 June in the margins of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) intersessional meetings with the participation of the CCM Presidency and representatives of 14 States of a combination of donor States and States with operational obligations under the Convention. The meeting focused on the “country coalition concept” and ways to operationalize the approach.

February 2017

Australia and Iraq, in their capacity as Coordinators on International Cooperation and Assistance, hosted a closed informal meeting on Enhancing International Cooperation and Assistance under the CCM in the margins of the 20th International Meeting of National Mine Action Programme Directors and United Nations Advisers (NDM-UN20) on Wednesday 8 February 2017.

The purpose of the meeting was to start a conversation on amongst other matters; what obstacles affected States face in implementing their obligations, how these could be addressed, the priorities of donor States regarding cooperation and assistance, and how to enhance communication between affected and donor States on these issues.

As the meeting was closed, all identifying references to participating States have been removed from the summary. A summary of key points raised, along with more detailed proceedings of the meeting can be found here.

November 2016

Concept Note by Australia and Iraq, CCM Coordinators on International Cooperation and Assistance of the Convention, on enhancing the implementation of Action 5 of the Dubrovnik Action Plan up to the 7th Meeting of States Parties (7MSP) to be held in September 2017.

May 2016

The CCM Coordinators on Cooperation and Assistance (Austria and Iraq) supported the Coordinators on Victim Assistance (Australia and Chile) in the organization of a workshop on An Integrated Approach to Victim Assistance which was held in Geneva. For more information.