Thematic coordination

The Coordination Committee is comprised of the Presidency assisted by the Implementation Support Unit with the added support of 14 States Parties assisting in performing the mandate of overseeing the effective implementation of the CCM as outlined in the Dubrovnik Action Plan adopted at the First Review Conference in 2015.

The Committee is chaired by the President. The Coordinating Committee members are elected at MSPs and serve for a period of 2 years each. Of these, one year overlaps with the incoming coordinators to ensure smooth continuity of the thematic work.

Coordination Committee Composition 2017-2018

Presidency Nicaragua
Universalization France and Panama
Stockpile destruction Croatia and Mozambique
Clearance and risk reduction education Lao PDR and the Netherlands
Victim assistance Ireland and Italy
International cooperation and assistance Australia and Peru
Transparency measures Zambia
National implementation measures New Zealand
General status and operation Bosnia & Herzegovina and Germany