Stockpile destruction

What does the Convention say?

Articles 1 and 3 of the Convention of Cluster Munitions outline the scope and application of the Convention and its provisions on stockpile destruction.  States parties shall never under any circumstance stockpile or retain cluster munitions, and shall furthermore ensure the destruction of all cluster munitions under its jurisdiction or control.

Stockpile destruction shall be completed as soon as possible, but no later than eight years after the Convention enters into force for each State party.

Progress made (as of September 2013):

  • 15 States parties now no longer hold stockpiled cluster-munitions.
  • 71 % of States Parties’ stockpiles have been destroyed.
  • Most of the 19 States parties with stockpiles have confirmed that destruction will be completed well in advance of the eight years deadline.
  • 13 States Parties have reported that they retain or have retained cluster munitions and explosives submunitions for permitted purposes in accordance with Article 3 (6).

Remaining challenges:

  • To maintain the momentum for rapid destruction of stockpiles and to utilice provisions for internationla cooperarion and assistance to this end
  • To ensure taht the amount of subminitions retained does not exceed the mínimum number absolutly necessary to conduct the activities reported by States Parties with retained cluster munitions.