National implementation measures

What does the Convention say?

Article 9 of the Convention refers specifically to the requirement for each State Party to adopt the legal and administrative measures necessary at the domestic level to ensure the Convention’s full implementation. This includes legislation to prevent and suppress violations and allow the application of penal sanctions.

The Dubrovnik Action Plan, which was adopted by the First Review Conference in September 2015, committed States Parties to prioritizing the development and adoption of legislation and other measures to implement the Convention.

Below is an overview of implementation status based on Article 7 reports to date:

  • 26 of the 102 States Parties have adopted specific legislation to implement the Convention at the national level.
  • An additional 20 States Parties have indicated that their existing legislation is sufficient.
  • 16 States Parties have informed that legislation is under consideration or in the process of being adopted.
  • 16 States Parties need to clarify the status of domestication.
  • 22 States Parties have not provided any information on Article 9 implementation.

What next?

In terms of National Implementation Measures, the Dubrovnik Action Plan encourages States Parties to:

  • Enact national legislation to implement the Convention
  • Highlight challenges and request assistance
  • Raise awareness of national implementation measures

By the Second Review Conference in 2020, these efforts should result in:

  • All States Parties being in compliance with Article 9 and have reported on national implementation in formal meetings of the Convention and through Article 7 transparency reports;
  • All relevant national actors, including armed forces being informed of obligations under the Convention and of national implementation measures including as a result of their reflection, where necessary in military doctrine, policies and training.