Background Documents

Notification Director ISU CCM (01 April 2015)

Agreement between the States Parties to the CCM and the GICHD on the Hosting of the ISU CCM (02 August 2014)

In 2012 and 2013 States parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions have met three times for open-ended consultations on the establishment of an Implementation Support Unit (ISU). Below are relevant documents from each meeting.

Open-ended Informal Consultations 26 June 2013
Invitation letter
Draft decision

Additional documents:
Non-Paper (English version / version française)

Open-ended Informal Consultations 8 February 2013                                               

Invitation letter
Draft Agenda
President Discussion Paper ISU CCM
Scale of assessment

Open-ended Informal Consultations 31 August 2012

Invitation letter
Provisional agenda
President Working Paper on the establishment of a CCM ISU

Open-ended Informal Consultations 29 February 2012

Invitation letter
Draft agenda
President’s non-paper on the CCM ISU